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Why Should My Business Engage a Professional Business Writer?

Why is engaging a professional writer important for businesses? Many business owners are unaware that different communication media (brochures, online articles, websites, social media etc.) need distinct writing skills to effectively engage with an audience. Here are just a few reasons why.

The length requirements for various platforms differ. A one-page flyer has a clear word count. While you may be able to change the graphical arrangement to fit more or less content on the page, there are definitely some physical constraints to consider.

A web page however can be much longer than a standard one-page flyer. However, people have become accustomed to receiving information quickly online, so getting to the point swiftly is essential. Unlike print, including links for more detailed content is also important online. We need to take our readers on a journey, where they can satisfy their need for information. Writers must also consider how people search online for content connected to a topic. While using keywords and phrases is necessary for SEO, writers must avoid keyword stuffing at the same time. It is also important to include alt tags for all images on a page. Writers must write for both human readers as well as Internet spiders.

Writing for digital mediums extends beyond web pages and blogs. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms have character limits. Writing succinctly and efficiently is a talent that takes years of practice to master. In today's fast-paced environment, the appropriate word choice can lead to engagement with customers and prospects, whilst the wrong word choice may lead to a post being swiftly passed over. A professional writer will work with you to establish the most effective online methods of reaching your target audience.

Many CEOs believe that their company is so distinctive that they cannot entrust the writing to someone outside their business. A great writer, on the other hand, will interview an expert and then compose the piece for review. A subject matter expert can examine information for accuracy far more easily than starting from scratch with original ideas. They often get trapped by over-explanation, when simply keeping to the facts is all that is required to get the message across.

A professional writer may not be an expert on the topic but are able to cull together details, ask questions that dig into the details, and write a tale that brings everything together. Words flow and readers become engaged in the tale.

A professional writer understands the limitations as well as the advantages of various communication mediums. Professional business writers also dedicate their time just to writing for their clients, whereas internal team members are likely to be juggling many responsibilities at one time.

Professional writers have honed their craft to the point where they can write faster and better than most. Use the services of a professional writer who can better organise your story and turn it into an engaging written article no matter what the medium.

Marketing for Business are professional business writers. We offer writing services for businesses including the following:

· Web content


· Blogs

· Newsletters

· Articles

· Whitepapers

· Tenders

· Online courses

· Business Plans

· Award submissions

· Editing

· Proofreading

We look forward to working with your business.


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