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Giving your marketing efforts a sense of direction

Marketing Plans

All of your marketing efforts will have direction and purpose with a marketing strategy that helps you reach your goals. Promoting on the fly may provide you a short-term bump in sales, but who are these new consumers and why did they buy from you? How can you get more of the same customers? Were they satisfied customers? Opportunity and budget management are guaranteed with a well-planned and managed strategy.

Those in business marketing understand the significance of brands and how crucial it is for your company's brand to reflect your core values. Your company's brand extends much beyond the things you sell, such as your logo, your name, or your website. Intangible feelings are hard to nail down but are what separate great brands from poor ones. Your brand is much more than that. What do your instincts tell you about your company's reputation?

Your marketing strategy will:

  • provide clear direction for all marketing activities, from collateral and digital to customer service and client relationships

  • provide a long term focus for the brand well above medium and short-term business and marketing objectives

  • help build consistency of messages

  • build long term marketing ideas and campaigns

  • become the force behind a more integrated marketing effort across all marketing including digital, advertising, PR, direct marketing, sales promotion, social media etc

  • build trust and confidence in your ability to grow your brand

  • help to better understand the place your brand has in your customer’s lives - better than your competitors

Your marketing strategy is a long-term plan which will ultimately assist in achieving your business goals.

How do we develop your marketing strategy?

To come up with a winning marketing plan, you'll need to conduct a thorough investigation into your company and the industry in which you compete.

This session will help to determine your business purpose. Ultimately we operate a business to make money but what is the reason you are so passionate about this business. For example IKEA sell furniture but their purpose is to "create a better everyday life". Whatdo you want to achieve?

At the conclusion of of the brainstorming session we will have:

  • a clear view of your business definition and personality

  • an understanding of market insights affecting your business

  • knowledge of your competitive environment

  • written brand vision, mission, business drivers and values

  • understanding of your target markets

  • a list of key messages which tell your brand story


As a result of our work, you'll have a solid marketing strategy to build on moving forwards. Everything you communicate and advertise will be built around this. It's like a blueprint. To build a strong brand, you must go through this labor-intensive, yet rewarding, process.

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